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SMS Masterbatch Inquiry

1. Introduction
I started the company in 2006 meltblown nonwovens masterbatch independent research, the company has specialized small prototype, can provide SMS, SMMS, SMMMS and various masterbatch production lines worldwide.

2. Introduction meltblown nonwovens masterbatch
Meltblown nonwovens masterbatch excellent choice of materials, the physical properties of good, bright color stability, widely used non-woven colored. Meltblown nonwovens masterbatch according to customer different color, temperature, light and other performance requirements, providing customers with personalized service.

3. meltblown nonwovens masterbatch instructions
Actual production for different devices have different processing temperature requirements, and the added amount of masterbatch should be controlled from 0.8% to 8%, to ensure that no harm cloth process smoothly.

4. meltblown nonwovens technical indicators masterbatch




Smooth surface, uniform grain,  no chromatic aberration and stain

Melting Index (g/10min


Filtration-DF Valuebarccm2/g


Grain Sizemm


Spinning Temperature


Suggested Adding Percentage



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